Urban Design Masterplanning Day

Undergraduate: Year 2

The urban design master-planning day is a yearly event that brings together more than 300 architecture and structural engineering students.

What is the Urban Design Masterplanning Day

Working in mixed teams, the students investigate a local area and site, before developing a low-carbon urban design strategy for that place. The day is concluded with students presenting their ideas, and prizes being awarded. The fast-paced event provides an opportunity for students to begin to understand architects’ and structural engineers’ design processes and explore how engineers and architects collaborate through the design process. It is also important for students to consider the specialism and expertise of colleague’s professions as well as learning how to share ideas and communicate effectively through design conversations and drawing. The feedback back from students is very positive, recognising this informative and enjoyable event as an important part of their education. The master-planning day helps to foster cross-disciplinary understanding and communication skills, which are vital in a globalised construction industry.

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