PEDR Stage 1

Part 1 Year in Practice

The 'Professional Experience and Development Record' (PEDR) is a standard form devised by the RIBA as a means for architectural students to record their practical experience and professional development, which counts towards their professional qualification as an architect.

Stage 1 Practical Experience

PEDR should be completed every quarter to record your Stage 1 Practical Experience during your Year in Practice, with the support of an Employment Mentor from your workplace, whom you should identify at the earliest opportunity after starting work. Your PEDR submissions will be monitored by SSoA’s Professional Studies Advisor (PSA).

Once your PEDR have been reviewed and signed by your PSA, they will be returned to you. You will need to keep signed copies in a safe place for future submission required for the Professional Qualification, since SSoA does not necessarily keep copies itself. The data you have entered onto the PEDR will be stored safely on the PEDR system, but it is good practice to scan your signed PEDR sheets to create an electronic copy as well.

If you have any queries regarding the Year in Practice, you should refer in the first instance to the RIBA PEDR recording system where there is particularly helpful information including Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are unable to find the answer to your query on the RIBA website or need to seek additional clarification, please contact SSoA’s Professional Studies Advisor at