Year in Practice profiles

Part 1 Year in Practice

Sheffield architecture students share insights into their year-in-practice experience, providing reflection and tips on getting the most from your placement.

Aimee Desert


Think broadly and consider gaining experience outside of the immediate field of architecture.

Cristina Cărcănescu

Proctor & Matthews Architects

Architecture school offers us a vast amount of knowledge and skills which are translatable towards many other careers.

Emma Koch

Levitt Bernstein

When distributing CVs, go to the office to hand them in. This is a great way to get an instant feel of the practices.

Lucía Pells

Duncan McCauley

Starting at a smaller practice gives you much more responsibility which can be nerve-racking but you will gain a lot from it.

Melissa Kirkpatrick

MSMR Architects

Try to choose a practice where staff are valued, and your hard work will be appreciated.

George Fisher

Bennetts Associates

Don’t just look at the architecture of the practice; a large proportion of your judgement should be based on the studio environment and ethics.

Nikola Yanev


I recommend going to a session at the Careers Service once you have had a go at doing a CV.

Travis Alan Mills


As a Part 1 placement student, do not underestimate the impact you can have.

Sarah Edwards

Associated Architects

Identify and recognise the ethos and aims of individual practices and whether that matches your intentions.